How to achieve balance in real healthy life

A healthy lifestyle through the prism of each and every one of us
February 22, 2017
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How to achieve balance in real healthy life

The calmness. It is the first place in the pyramid of health. Stress is a major factor in unlocking a number of diseases and conditions. Therefore, being calm should be the number one goal in our lives. And this can be achieved by giving us enough time for rest and above all – the priority of the really important things in life: health, love, family.

Balance and variety. Balance and diversity are needed not only in nutrition but also throughout our lives – emotions, relationships with people, work and everyday life. Consistency brings with it boredom, and it is often the cause of many personal problems and extremes.

Moderation in everything. Do not overdo it – not with food, nor with alcohol, nor with work nor fun. Do not go too far with perfectionism because “Exalted saint and God is not a drag.” And we all know that such conditions are often painfully extreme and burdensome for both us and others.

Simplicity. The simplest things are always the most ingenious. This leitmotif can be applied in all spheres of our lives and provide us with less stress and hence better health. Simple food does not have many ingredients and is better for us. The same goes for our relationships, our fun and what inspires us.

Pleasure. What is the point of the whole pursuit of the idea of ​​”healthy” if the life we ​​have chosen does not delight us? It is the pleasure that we can experience is our leading motivation to do something or to live in a certain way. Any undertaking that is at odds with our internal resistances is doomed to failure. So find the things that inspire you and you will see that everything will get you far easier and enjoyable.

Acceptance. Accept that you will make mistakes and deviate from the right path sometimes. And there is nothing wrong with that. The question is despite the little transgressions, always going back to the right path by taking the necessary lessons.

Listen to your body. Of course, running carries its health benefits, but if you do not feel good about it, does it mean you have to keep doing it just because you know it. Hardly? Instead, listen to what your body tells you and replace running with a walk in the park. Simple and useful, is not it? This should be your attitude to all the written and unwritten norms preached by the thousands of gurus on the healthy lifestyle. After all, no one knows your body better than yourself and it is not a bad idea to start trusting it whenever you have this opportunity.

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