Meditation is an eastern technique that achieves control and harmony

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Meditation is an eastern technique that achieves control and harmony

In many respects it is a related yoga, not only because it is sometimes performed as an introduction to exercise, but also because it requires the perfecting of the same breathing and relaxation techniques. If you and your spouse are very much in need of peace and harmony, and you do not know how to relax and start controlling the tension caused by stress, try meditation! She could change your life.

Relaxation techniques through meditation will help you to quickly resolve your mental tension, begin to control the state of mind and thoughts, desires and feelings, and will, accordingly, help you to improve your physical health. When you master the technique of meditation, you will be more confident, confident in yourself and your actions, and you will more easily deal with everyday difficulties, as well as the more demanding ones.

The way of meditation
Try breathing meditation techniques. Although at first glance it will seem simple, in its performance you need to do some effort to get it right and get the right results. In time, you will succeed in doing so! What is most important for this meditation is to focus on breath.

Wear lightweight clothes, in which you feel the most comfortable, prepare the pillow and the deck you will sit on. The kid will help you avoid the turbulence on your feet. If you like, for an even more relaxed and beautiful atmosphere, turn on the scented candle or stick and dim the light. Place yourself in a quiet corner of your home and meditate at that place each time.

Stand in the meditation position. You can choose the one in which your legs and feet will be turned up and placed on the leaves of the opposite legs. Try to calm down and find the balance of mind and body.

Sit straight, let your spine be upright. Your body generally will be in a position where it is most comfortable. Your head must also be upright, your neck relaxed, and your eyes focused forward. Place the palms on your thighs, and if you want to receive energy, turn them up, and if you prefer to “ground”, find the strength and safety, turn them down. It would be best to close your eyes so that nothing would disturb you.

Once you have found an ideal position and settled, refresh breathing! Five times deep breath through the nose and through the nose and exhale. After that, calm down and direct the mind solely to breathing. You will notice at that moment that random images, thoughts and feelings come to your eye. It’s important not to focus on anything specific, but just breathe. These images are a state of mind that we can not control, even though meditation exactly is what we want, therefore, if your thoughts escape, you will return the concentration if you focus on inhaling and exhaling. They are your connection to the present moment and the way you will all be fired and relaxed. Initially this will likely happen to you, and over time, you will learn so much control that you will be able to focus your mind on for a long time.

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