Tips for a better lifestyle, form and health

Meditation is an eastern technique that achieves control and harmony
July 15, 2017
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December 15, 2017
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Tips for a better lifestyle, form and health

Today, when most people are busy and stressed, we are becoming increasingly aware of how much our health is indispensable. Unfortunately, many illnesses come with stress, which can be prevented if we take care of your body.

• Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

By regularly entering fresh fruits and vegetables, you will get enough vitamins and minerals to boost your immunity and provide your body with the energy you need.

• Avoid stress

Whenever possible, move away from stressful situations. Stress can be solved by meditation that will help you overcome the daily obstacles as calmly as possible.

• Stop eating sweets and snacks

These are just empty calories. Industrial snacks and sweets also contain excessive amounts of additives, salt and sugar. It has been proven that the energy obtained from this kind of food is very short in the body, so you will become tired, slow and hungry very quickly. If you like snacks, make delicious broccoli chips or grilled nuts, almonds and dried fruits. Apart from being tasty, these snacks are healthy.

• Start practicing

Even the most common stretching exercises, yoga for beginners or a light walk can bring you back to good shape. Over time, you will notice how tasks are performed much easier, and those physical challenges that were previously overwhelming will soon become a “cow’s cough”. The secret is in continuity, be persistent.

• Do not skip the meals

Even if you have a few kilograms of surplus, and skiping breakfast or dinner seems to be a good way to get rid of pounds, believe that it is not so. Regular meals are key to accelerating metabolism and faster calorie burning. Eat much less, but eat more often. It is recommended to eat three main meals and two snacks a day.

• Drink plenty of fluids (preferably water or herbal teas)

Aside from helping to clean your toxin, water will help you become slimmer. Drink 1-1.5 l of water per day. The dehydrated organism is tired.

• Eat foods rich in protein

Proteins are the best source of energy. The energy we get from the protein burns slowly so for a long time we have a sense of satiety and we are full of elana. The best sources of protein are: poultry meat, fish, milk, eggs, nuts and herbs.

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